Dec 5, 2013

For those of us who hate reading the Bible

For those of you (us) who hate reading the Bible...

For those of you (us) who have secretly never been able to reconcile a violent god...

For people like you (me) who are tired of worshiping a so-called god who destroys cities

and kills the innocent

and orchestrates war

and floods the whole world

and tells a dad to kill his son on a mountaintop

There is--finally--a coherent, down-to-earth, as-close-to-conslusive-as-it-can-be source for what the Bible really is, what God (or god or GOD) is actually doing, and how the Bible communicates it.

It is here: Rob Bell's blog series What Is The Bible? 

I don't know why Bell is writing this as a blog, because it should be a book.  Maybe it will be some day.  (Or maybe there's no difference? Whoa...)  Either way, you can (should) read it now.

I promise, if you struggle with the violent god of the Bible, this will change your life.

And if you don't... carry on, nothing to see here.

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