Jul 21, 2009


In response to my previous post ("Jesus is a Liar...", see below), I'd like to take a page from Brian McLaren's book "A New Kind of Christian". (Yes, that's the crazy one about how evolution is not a curse-word.) Also, Richie may or may not have pointed this out for me. But I swear, I read the book before he pointed it out. Anyway...

McLaren alliterates theology to windows. When you look out the window of, say, a hospital, you can see the sky, and you can see it going on infinitely. But you're still not seeing the whole sky. You can go to somebody else's room and look out their window to see another part of the sky, but you're still not seeing the whole thing. Then you can leave the hospital alltogether, look straight up on a cloudless night, and it's better, but still futile.

So once again, the key to Universe boiles down to mystery. Mmm, I LOVE not understanding things.