May 25, 2009

The pedalboard

I've had some inquiries lately about what's on my pedalboard, so I'm gonna start directing people here for a detailed rundown.
First, the guitars:
  • Ibanez AK-75 Hollowbody w/ Piezo pickup in the bridge. I got this on evilBay and the previous owner installed the piezo pickup, which is "hidden" in the bridge. This pickup has a totally seperate audio path from the regular pickups, including its own dedicated output (there are 2 output jacks). The magnetic (or "regular") pickups are sent through Signal-A (see below) and the piezo is Signal-B via 2 cables snaked together.
  • Fender Highway1 Telecaster. This was my high school graduation present, and I'll always play this guitar for as long as it can take the beating of... well, of being a Telecaster. This guitar is always run via Signal-A (Signal-B becomes irrelevent).

The Pedalboard:

1. Ernie Ball Panning Pedal. This is a signal selector that blends between the afforementioned Signal-A and Signal-B. Signal-A is the regular pickups of the Ibanez (or the Telecaster) into the rest of the pedalboard and the amp. Signal-B takes the Ibanez's piezo (acoustic) signal, and sends it directly to the house P.A. system via an L.R. Baggs Para D.I. (upper right corner), bypassing the rest of the pedalboard entirely. So, the rest of Signal-A is...

2. Budda Wah.

3. Fulltone Fulldrive-2. This is my base overdrive tone. Gorgeous. This is on older model with the push/pull volume pot. I'm usually using the lightly compressed "Flat-mids" mode. (A note to guitarists: Do not--I repeat, DO NOT--buy the new "mosfet" versions. I don't know what Fulltone was thinking, but they suck.)

4. MXR Micro Amp. This is a boost for my Telecaster to compensate for it's lower output level. (Makes the soundguy happy.)

5. Wampler Super Plextortion. A Marshall JCM-800 sound, for when heavier distortion is desired.

6. Fulltone Fat-Boost. A lead boost.

7. Ernie Ball Volume. (Far left side.) Has a dedicated tuner-output for silent tuning (Boss TU-2 tuner). I purposely put this before the delay and reverb so that ambient pad and swelling sounds will trail off naturally between note/chord changes.

8. Boss RV-5 Reverb.

9. TC Electronics Nova Delay. Delay based on TC's former TC-2290 Dynamic Delay, made famous by U2's guitarist The Edge. The Modulated delay is awesome. The analog-modeled tone is decent, but not better than the real thing (pun intended).

The silver Vox box is for the amp's built in reverb and tremolo. The whole thing is mounted on a Pedaltrain, and powered by a Visual Sound One-Spot power supply (except for the Nova Delay).

And the amp: Vox AC-15. Mic'd with a Shure sm-57.

So there you have it. Occasionally I might throw on a chorus effect, vibrato, another delay, or whatever, depending on the song set. But this is basically it. And if you ever catch me when a flanger pedal, I give you permission to shoot me.


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